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The Yale QB who pulled his name out of contention for the Rhodes Scholarship is at the center of a scandal (photo credit: Namkota).

Remember the Yale University quarterback who decided to withdraw from pursuing the Rhodes Scholarship because his interview fell on the same day of “The Game” (the Harvard-Yale football game)? And remember how the Yale University football coach ended up resigning during the media attention that followed Witt’s decision? If you don’t remember, he resigned because it was brought to Yale’s attention that, contrary to the credentials on his bio, he wasn’t in consideration for a Rhodes Scholarship. Well, anyway, there is more scandal brewing!

According to “The New York Times,” Patrick Witt did not pull out of contention for the Rhodes Scholarship because of “The Game.” Rather, he pulled out of contention — again, according to “The New York Times” — because the Rhodes Trust was informed by an anonymous source that “a fellow student had accused Witt of sexual assault.” According to “The Times,” “The Rhodes Trust informed Yale and Witt that his candidacy was suspended unless the university decided to re-endorse it. Witt’s accuser has not gone to the police, nor filed what Yale considers a formal complaint. The New York Times has not spoken with her and does not know her name.”

What a turn of events! Just a few months back, we saluted Yale QB Patrick Witt for choosing to honor his commitment to his teammates and his football program over doing an interview for the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship. We even sharply criticized the Rhodes Committee for removing Witt from contention. After all, Witt seemed like the very kind of honorable student-athlete they should be seeking. But maybe we had it wrong. Maybe the great PR story for Yale about the QB who sacrificed a chance for the Rhodes to honor his commitment to his team was just that…PR.

Patrick Witt and his attorneys have since come out and denied the allegations present in “The New York Times” article. It’s quite possible Patrick Witt never did commit a crime. Just look at the Duke lacrosse players. But there’s certainly more to this story than a QB who just didn’t want to miss a game.


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