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Ivy Coach was featured in yesterday’s “The Yale Daily News,” the newspaper of Yale University. The piece by Tyler Foggatt focuses on the college scorecards released by the U.S. Department of Education. We wrote a couple of days ago about these college scorecards and how these scorecards actually marked a change of course for the government. The government initially intended to rank colleges but, acknowledging that other entities (like “US News & World Report”) seem to have the market cornered on rankings, they’d simply release scorecards so that prospective students and their parents could have a better understanding of these schools, particularly with respect to costs of paying for college.

In the piece in “The Yale Daily News,” we are quoted as asserting that we do not anticipate that students will defer to these college scorecards when assessing colleges. “‘The government backtracked on creating a ranking system, because they think there are enough publications already doing that,’ Taylor said. ‘So now they’re not ranking the colleges, they’re just using a website to compare aspects of the colleges.’ Taylor added that he believes students will continue to use U.S. News and World Report when searching for a comparison tool for colleges, since the U.S. News rankings are currently the most widely read.” We sure do. “US News & World Report” owns the category of ranking colleges and they’ve owned this category for years. Particularly in other parts of the world, like China, the “US News & World Report” college rankings are considered by the bible when deciding upon which colleges to apply to and ultimately attend.

What do you think about the federal government’s decision to not rank colleges but instead release these scorecards? Do you think many people will use these scorecards as a source of information when weighing which colleges to apply to? Or do you think this was a waste of government funds? We’re curious to hear from our readers so post a Comment below.


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  • ivy league says:

    I think of course US news will continue to dominate the rankings game but the US news formula does not capture metrics that are arguably more important to college applicants and their parents than reputation and prestige, such as employment and starting salary statistics, average student debt etc. That is why I think people will start paying a little bit more attention to other rankings too, such as College Factual and this government information.

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