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We work with rising high school seniors on their college applications over the summer months.

The summer months are when we work with rising high school seniors on their college applications. Of course, it’s not all these rising high school seniors are doing over the summer — they’re also involved in compelling summer activities, activities that were likely vastly different from the activities they were involved in before they started working with us. Our students at Ivy Coach would never participate in some fancy summer enrichment program at a school like Stanford. Sorry, Stanford. But participation in fancy summer enrichment programs essentially only conveys to highly selective colleges evaluating students’ applications that students a.) lack initiative and b.) come from privilege. When the objective of college applicants should be to inspire admissions officers to root for them, participation in this kind of activity runs contrary to reason.

But we digress. If you or your child is a rising high school senior and you’re interested in working with Ivy Coach on college applications, now is the time to get started on this endeavor. Not in September. And not on November 1st at 10 PM with just two hours remaining before most Early Decision or Early Action deadlines. You think that’s crazy? You’d be surprised when folks write in seeking our assistance. Sorry, but we won’t be writing back at 10 PM on November 1st as you frantically seek to improve your applications with minutes to spare. Do you blame us?

We start off with a free 20-minute consultation to answer questions about our service offerings. And we believe wholeheartedly in dating before marriage (it works both ways!) so the next step is the one-hour evaluation in which we offer advice on how to optimize your (or your child’s) case for admission to highly selective colleges. If you’d like to work with us thereafter on college applications, our work is based on the number of schools you’d want our assistance with — though our availability for rising high school seniors is filling up so do ask us during the initial free consultation if we still have availability for a college application package if you choose to wait longer.


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