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December 6, 2012

Williams Early Decision

Williams ED, Early Decision at Williams, Williams College Admissions
Williams College has seen a decrease in international applications the last couple of years (photo credit: Tim4403224246).

Williams Early Decision admission data is out. Williams received 584 Early Decision applications for the Class of 2017. Typically, Early Decision admits make up about 40% of the incoming class at Williams. According to “The Williams Record,” “’Early indications are that this is a very strong pool of applicants, which will make competition especially keen,’ Director of Admission Dick Nesbitt ’74 said.” Have you ever read a dean of admissions say they secured a particularly weak group of applicants? We didn’t think so. Just wanted to point that out!

“The Williams Record” article on the Early Decision data at Williams also points out a noticeable trend — the decrease of Early Decision applications from international students. For the Class of 2017, 59 international students submitted applications. This number stood at 75 for the Class of 2016. And for the Class of 2015, that number stood at 90. So that marks a trend. We’d be curious to know if Williams has changed its marketing in nations outside of the United States.

And what about diversity at Williams? According to “The Williams Record,” “ED applications from students of color have been steadily increasing over the past three years, according to Nesbitt. This year, 106 ED applicants were students of color, a small increase from last year’s total of 100 ED applicants of color and a significant jump from 85 ED applicants of color for the Class of 2015.” Anyhow, Williams College will release its Early Decision results on December 13th so be sure to hover over their browser on that day if you applied Early to the school.

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