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March 14, 2022

Wesleyan University Class of 2026 Early Decision Statistics

Wesleyan has now released Early Decision II notifications.

The Early Decision I and Early Decision II admissions statistics are in the books for the Wesleyan University Class of 2026. For the Early Decision I round, 44% of applicants earned admission — a figure that compares to 62% for the Class of 2025. For the Early Decision II round, 31% earned admission — a figure that compares to 43% for the Class of 2025. Of the 473 students who have thus far been admitted to Wesleyan’s Class of 2026, about 40% applied for financial aid, 10% will be the first in their families to attend college, 30% are students of color from the United States, and 7% are international students.

Early Decision II results were recently released by Wesleyan’s admissions office. As Sam Hilton reports for The Wesleyan Argus in a piece entitled “University Admits 473 Students into Class of 2026 Before Regular Decision,” “The EDII cohort saw an uptick in academic standing compared to EDI, with 85% studying math through calculus, 88% taking coursework in the three scientific fields mentioned above, and 80% spending at least four years learning a single foreign language. ’[The EDII] students are multi-talented and come from a diverse range of backgrounds and places as well: 45% applied for Financial Aid; 14% are the first in their family to attend a four-year college; 32% are domestic students of color; and 13% are international citizens, some currently enrolled in school in the US, but most from other countries,’ [Vice President and Dean of Admission and Financial Aid Amin] Gonzalez wrote.”

Congratulations to all students who have earned admission to the Wesleyan University Class of 2026 through the two rounds of Early Decision. And good luck to all Regular Decision applicants to Wesleyan’s incoming class!

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