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“Seventeen” has a good piece out on weird college courses. What? You don’t read “Seventeen” too?

While we don’t happen to be readers of “Seventeen” (shocking, we know!), a former student of ours brought an article in the magazine to our attention that focuses on weird college courses. We’ve read about some weird college courses over the years — from courses on vampires and witches to tribal musical drumbeats to even the history of intercourse (yes, intercourse — from a historical standpoint!). But some of these courses that got mentions in the article in “Seventeen” certainly are worthy of being part of this important conversation. Ok, perhaps ‘important’ is the wrong choice of words. Oops. Roll with it.

We suspect Thomas Jefferson would approve that the University of Virginia offers a course on “Game of Thrones.”

One of our nation’s top public schools, the University of Virginia, the pride of Thomas Jefferson, offers a course on “Game of Thrones.” Now that’s cool! We think Thomas would so approve. Colorado College offers a course entitled “Queen Bees, Wannabes, and Mean Girls,” focusing on why certain young women become, well, mean girls — girls who put down and disparage other girls on their way to the top of the high school social hierarchy. University of Pennsylvania offers a course entitled “Wasting Time on the Internet” that apparently satisfies “some requirements for English majors.” Oh my.

American University offers a class on “The Hunger Games,” focusing on topics like feminism, poverty, and class as portrayed in these books and feature films. The State University of New York at Buffalo has a course on the greatest television show ever created, “Breaking Bad.” Yes indeed, it’s the best show. Ever. The course includes guest lectures by members of the DEA, the Drug Enforcement Agency. So cool. Skidmore College has a course on Miley Cyrus. Because who doesn’t? The course focuses on the sociology of Miley and on how “her public image and music has changed over time through the lenses of race, gender, media, and even feminism,” as according to the always reliable and newsworthy “Seventeen Magazine.” And, yes, Rutgers has a class on Beyonce. Because Beyonce should be a college course, hello! It’s not like you just Wake Up Like This when you’re Beyonce. You’ve got to learn to become Beyonce. Thank goodness Rutgers recognizes this.


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