We Prevent Murder at Ivy Coach

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Our assistance at Ivy Coach leads to fewer slammed doors between parents and their high school seniors.

At Ivy Coach, we help give our students the best possible shot to get into their dream schools, if those  dream schools are realistic possibilities (which we convey upfront during the initial one-hour evaluation). And, yes, every now and then our students earn admission to schools that aren’t even realistic possibilities in light of their grades and test scores. As a side note, if you’re curious which stretch school we help our students get into most, in spite of these students not necessarily having the very best grades and scores, it’s Stanford. And why? Because sometimes Stanford just takes the student because his or her application is so compelling…and Stanford doesn’t have to answer to the Ivy League Office when they do. In fact, Stanford doesn’t have to answer to anyone.

But we digress. While we help students earn admission to the colleges of their dreams, there’s one other thing we do that we mention around this time every year. We prevent murder. Yes, you read that correctly. Around this time every year, mothers and fathers of high school seniors are at their wits end. Their son is locked in his room, supposedly working on his Personal Statement but do we know for sure? Their daughter is overwhelmed with schoolwork and spends each night working on the unique college supplements but is she approaching these supplements correctly? Are her parents even privy to what she writes?

At Ivy Coach, we don’t only provide expert advice on how to improve a student’s case for admission. We help to preserve relationships between parents and their teenage children. Because when the student and parent both know that they’re doing things correctly, that’s a whole lot less stress right there. That means fewer slammed doors, fewer shouting matches, fewer crockodile tears. So while donating blood can save a life, so too can working with us. Perhaps we should change our tagline from “Toward the Conquest of Admission” to “We Prevent Murder.” But people probably wouldn’t get it.


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