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August 23, 2019

We Love Talking About College Admissions

College Admissions, Scandal in Admissions, College Admissions Scandal
We love speaking about lots of topics related to college admissions.

If you haven’t caught on by reading our daily blog or by checking out our thoughts in various news publications, we love writing and talking about the highly selective college admissions process. We love addressing issues like legacy admission or athletic recruitment, the need-blind fallacy or the importance of demonstrating interest to colleges. We love addressing the unjust discrimination that Asian Americans face in college admissions. Or the importance of applying during the Early Decision / Early Action round when the odds are ever more in a student’s favor.

But We’re Tired of Speaking About the College Admissions Scandal

But, no, we have zero interest — and we mean zero interest — in further addressing the Varsity Blues college admissions scandal that has riveted the nation and the world since March. You see, we addressed this scandal. We addressed it on the pages of our college admissions blog. We addressed it in various print news outlets. We addressed it on national television. Many times. We’re tired of talking about it. We’re tired of writing about it. And, most importantly, we don’t feel that writing or speaking further about this scandal will help students navigate the whole college admissions process the right way. We don’t feel writing or speaking further about this scandal will decrease the anxiety surrounding the college admissions process, which is a core objective of our blog and our business.

We’ve Said All We’ll Ever Say About the College Admissions Scandal

So if you’re a producer for a news program, or a podcast, or a documentary film interested in speaking with us about the college admissions scandal, this is our official pass. And, yes, we know you especially want to speak with us about our fees, which have been widely reported. But we’re not interested in speaking about our fees. We’ve spoken about them. We’re not shy about our fees. We make no apologies for our fees. Our fees are our fees are our fees in these United States of America. And our fees, as we’ve said, have already been reported so you’re not exactly breaking news by reporting on them again — even if you think your documentary or podcast or news program is addressing this overplayed issue in a novel way. Hint hint: it’s been covered! Find a more interesting issue to explore! Really.

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