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When visiting college campuses, feel free to wander off from your tour. Ask a student to show you his dorm room. Eat a meal at a dining hall. Get to know the school on your own terms.

There’s a great piece up on “The Huffington Post” today by Nina Vir, a sixteen year-old at Beverly Hills High School. It’s very well written and insightful about what high school students should be doing when they’re visiting college campuses. It’s such a good piece that one might think Andrea Zuckerman wrote it. If you didn’t get that joke, it’s alright. We won’t take it personally. It’s a “90210” reference. No, not the “90210” on The CW. The old “90210” with Brandon, Brenda, Kelly, Dylan, Donna, Steve, and David. It wasn’t that long ago. Really.

Anyhow, in “The Huffington Post” piece on visiting college campuses, Vir points out that college tours don’t always give you a good sense of what a college is all about. Vir encourages you to wander off from the tour, to get a campus map and walk around. She encourages you to pick up a campus newspaper and to people watch. Check to see if students are smiling — it’s a great indication of whether or not they’re happy at this school (the transfer rate is another good indication, FYI). Have a meal in a campus dining facility. Take photos so you can remember the school when deciding on which schools to apply to later on (and also so that you can cite specifics in your Why College Essays).

Have a look at our newsletters on Campus Visits and The Campus Visit and Fantasy Sports. And let us know your ideas of what you should be doing on your college visits so you can best get a sense of what a university is all about!


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