Veterans Should Apply to Top Universities in Transfer Round

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America’s elite universities covet American veterans.

We quite often hear from high schoolers (and particularly their parents) who believe they’ve got a great shot of getting into a school like Harvard. Maybe they’ve got some B’s, a 1400 SAT score, and low 700’s on the SAT Subject Tests. They play three sports, none exceptionally well, but their parents believe they’re truly remarkable young people. Harvard would be lucky to have them, they insist. Sound crazy? It should. But it’s the sort of crazy refrain we hear just about every day during free consultations. The unrealistic expectations of parents and students across America and around the world never cease to amaze us. But while these folks may have unfounded confidence, it’s also our experience that the vast majority of veterans interested in earning admission to top colleges as transfer students aren’t confident enough. And they should be!

Elite U.S. Universities Want Veterans

Highly selective colleges, including the Ivy League colleges, covet America’s veterans. These are men and women who have served their nation in uniform at great personal sacrifice. These are men and women who have defended our freedoms as Americans here at home and around the globe. These are men and women who have fought for the very freedoms we enjoy. Admissions officers — being as they’re just like most people — appreciate the service of America’s veterans. They’re rooting for these veterans in the transfer admissions process (since most veterans apply to our nation’s elite universities with credits from non-elite schools, like community colleges).

Veterans Should Feel Confident Applying to Elite U.S. Universities

So if you’re a veteran, we want you to be confident. We want you to know that if you’ve got some great grades at a lower-tier four-year college or at a community college, getting into an Ivy League school isn’t impossible. Quite the contrary. As an example, this past year, the first year that Princeton University reinstated transfer admissions, the vast majority of its 13 admits served America in uniform. May that serve to motivate you! May it fill you with confidence.

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