Veterans in the Transfer Admissions Round

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Veterans should be encouraged to apply to our nation’s most prestigious universities.

On this day of the memorial to World War II naval aviator and former President George H.W. Bush, we’d like to remind our readers who happen to be veterans of America’s military that we begin working with select veterans on a pro bono basis beginning in the first few days of January each year. And why then? The veterans we work with each year apply in the transfer admissions round and the deadline for transfer admissions at most highly selective colleges falls in March. So if you’re a veteran interested in our assistance this transfer admissions cycle, please do remember to contact us in the first few days of the new year. As we can only take on so many veterans on a pro bono basis each year, we tend to fill up by January 5th.

Veterans Should Have Confidence in Applying to Elite Universities

Over the years in which we’ve had the privilege of working with veterans, we’ve found that many are so modest they don’t believe they could earn admission to one of our nation’s most elite universities, including the Ivy League schools. And that’s utter nonsense. As we expressed yesterday, highly selective colleges, including all eight Ivy League schools, seek to admit veterans so as to add diversity to their student bodies. So if you’re a veteran with trepidations about applying to a top university from community college because your high school grades and/or SAT/ACT scores aren’t so hot, know that your grades and scores aren’t as relevant to admissions officers at these schools as they are for students applying out of high school. Admissions officers value your life experiences; they value your service to country. These schools would be lucky to have you and we’re happy to help you tell your story, to share your life’s narrative so that these schools would be reluctant to not offer you admission.

If you’re a veteran of America’s military, please do reach out so we can learn about you and offer you details about our pro bono services. We are seeking to work, in particular, with more female service-members this year so if you’re a female veteran of America’s military, as Uncle Sam would say, we want you!


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