Veterans and Highly Selective College Admission

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Ivy Coach is doubling down on our commitment to helping veterans gain admission to the colleges of their dreams.

As you may know, Ivy Coach is deeply committed to helping veterans gain admission to highly selective colleges and it’s a cause we’ve been devoted to for quite some time. Over the years, we have helped many veterans of the American military gain admission to the colleges of their dreams. These folks who have so bravely volunteered to defend our nation at great personal risk deserve the chance to receive the best education our nation has to offer. And highly selective colleges aren’t doing enough. Sure, there are leaders in this space — like Columbia, UCLA, USC, Georgetown, and several others. But more must be done. More highly selective colleges must step up and admit those who have made great sacrifices for our country.

While this data is from the 2013-2014 academic year, Harvard had four veterans out of its approximate 6,700 undergraduate students. That’s right. Four! That’s shameful. Princeton had one veteran among its 5,244 undergraduate students during this same academic year. How many students are on Princeton’s lacrosse team? Shameful. But Princeton and Harvard are not alone. Many other highly selective colleges — including Ivy League colleges — have comparable statistics. It’s wrong. It’s unpatriotic. And it must change. Organizations like The Posse Foundation, which helps bring veterans to our nation’s universities, need help. They need admissions officers to open doors, not close them. They need universities to be committed to admitting — and educating — the men and women who have so valiantly chosen to wear our nation’s uniform.

Veterans in College, College Veterans, Admissions and VeteransAt Ivy Coach, we are known to command high fees for our admissions expertise, for our assistance that regularly helps our students gain admission to their top choice colleges. And we make no apologies for our fees. This is America. We live in a free market. And the services we offer are the very finest. But we will not charge a veteran. Not a dime. And we are committed to helping several veterans each and every year achieve their American dreams. Call us Robin Hood. We don’t care. It’s a cause that’s important to us. It’s a cause that matters to us.

Like any company, we have limited time. Over the years, we’ve also helped many students who are not veterans — such as low-income students — gain admission to the colleges of their dreams on a pro bono basis. Because we are so committed to specifically helping veterans, we will no longer be able to offer our services on a pro bono basis to non-veterans and we will soon update the pro bono section of our website to reflect this change. We wish we could help all deserving students gain admission to the colleges of their dreams but veterans have always been our top priority in our pro bono offerings. This change will thus reflect this deeply held commitment.

While you’re here, read about college tuition and the G.I. Bill. Or about veterans at Ivy League colleges. We’ve written quite a bit about veterans and highly selective college admissions over the years. And we will continue to do so in the years ahead.


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