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Six Ivy League universities crack our Top 10 ranking of veteran-friendly colleges.

As the veterans we work with at Ivy Coach learn of their college acceptances, we figured we’d share with our readers a Top 10 list of veteran-friendly colleges. And to our readers (and Brown administrators) who know we’ve been tough in the past on the Providence, Rhode Island-based university, congratulations on cracking our Top 10. Brown is indeed doing some fantastic things for those who’ve served our nation in uniform. The schools are listed in alphabetical order since each and every one of these ten institutions is doing wonderful things for America’s veterans. Many of these schools make it easier for veterans to apply, or have special programs on their campuses for veterans, or have a high percentage of veterans enrolled at their institutions. So, without further ado:

Brown University
Columbia University
Cornell University
Dartmouth College
Johns Hopkins University
Smith College
University of Texas at Austin
Tufts University
University of Pennsylvania
Yale University

And what’s our methodology, you ask? We researched 26 colleges. Of those 26 colleges, we included colleges that are currently members of Service to School (S2S) — schools like Amherst College, Cornell University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Notre Dame, Princeton University, Smith College, Williams College, and Yale University. We also included Northwestern University, University of Texas at Austin, and Tufts University, because — and we fully recognize this is by no means scientific (deal with it!) — the veterans we work with have a tendency to include these schools on their lists. Additionally, we included Stanford University on our list because so many of our clients end up attending Stanford — more even than any Ivy League school. We of course included the other Ivy League colleges (Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Brown University, University of Pennsylvania, and Columbia University) that are not members of S2S because, after all, we are Ivy Coach!

Some schools that we did not include on our final Top 10 list are: Princeton University (we found a dearth of information for veterans on Princeton’s site), University of Notre Dame (because all that was mentioned on Notre Dame’s site from our searches was a news story about a veteran on campus), and Harvard University (because other than subscribing to the Yellow Ribbon Program, there was no other program we could find that would in our view interest veterans). MIT, Northwestern, and Williams were scratched off our final list for much the same reason.


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