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Vassar College made a big blunder with their admissions decisions this year.

Shame on Vassar College Admissions! Yesterday, the Vassar College Admissions Office sent out admissions decisions to Early Decision applicants to the college. Many students around the world jumped for joy as they read their decisions on their ipads, iphones, and laptops. It’s a momentous time and a remarkable achievement for a high school student to cap off years of hard work. It’s the beginning of the next four years. The only thing was…Vassar College got it wrong.

Vassar College in fact sent out offers of acceptance to 122 students but only 46 should have received them. The 76 students who also read letters of acceptance and jumped for joy with their parents, friends, and family, didn’t in fact get in. Their “test letters” were supposed to be meant as placeholder emails (who knows what that really means) but instead they ended up being sent out. And 76 students who thought they got in were informed a few hours later that in fact they were denied admission.

How ridiculous is that? If you think it’s the first time this has happened in college admissions, though, you’d be mistaken. It happens quite a bit, unfortunately. It happened to Cornell University in 2003. UC San Diego in 2009. George Washington University in 2010. University of Delaware, University of North Carolina…the list goes on. It’s time for college admissions offices to stop making these mistakes. Learn from the mistakes of other colleges. Next time, learn from the mistakes of the Vassar College Admissions Office! The college admissions process is stressful enough for students and parents as it is.


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