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June 6, 2020

UVA Scraps Testing for Class of 2025

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UVA won’t require the submission of SAT or ACT scores to the Class of 2025.

The University of Virginia, founded by Thomas Jefferson, has declared its independence from College Board and ACT for applicants to the Class of 2025. Well, sort of. The school has, like many of our nation’s elite universities, decided to go test-optional for next year’s batch of applicants — as in the school will not require the submission of SAT or ACT test scores. And why? Because as UVA’s President Jim Ryan says, as quoted in UVA Today, “Students and families face enormous challenges as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.”

As our regular readers know, we believe that only when an institution forbids the submission of scores should students not submit great test scores. Of course, if students can’t get great test scores then test-optional policies are in their favor. But for those students who are capable of getting great test scores, we absolutely still recommend the submission of scores to test-optional institutions, including UVA. It’s that simple.

As Jane Kelly writes in her piece for UVA Today, “Students who wish to include testing as part of their application may continue to do so, but those who do not will be at no disadvantage in the application review. The pilot testing policy applies to all applicants for undergraduate admission to UVA – domestic and international, first-year and transfer students. Additionally, the University has pushed back its Early Decision application deadline to Nov. 1 to give students more time to examine their college options and submit an Early Decision application if UVA is their first choice for college.”

Have a question about UVA’s new test-optional policy for applicants to the Class of 2025? Make it known in the Comments section below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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