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April 1, 2019

USC Class of 2023 Admission Statistics

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It’s been a tumultuous year for the University of Southern California.

The University of Southern California, a school embroiled in the bribery and standardized test cheating scandal, received a record number of applications this year: 66,000 (it stood at 64,000 for the Class of 2022), according to “The Daily Trojan.” And the overall admission rate for the school also dropped to a record-low: 11% (it stood at 13% for the Class of 2022). So what’s the breakdown of USC’s admitted students, you ask? Wonder no more.

Breakdown of Admitted Students to USC Class of 2023

As reports Natalie Oganesyan for “The Daily Trojan” in a piece entitled “USC fall acceptance rate drops to 11 percent, record low,” “The incoming Class of 2023 is the most diverse admitted class in USC history, with underrepresented minority students making up 29.5 percent and first-generation students making up 15 percent of the admission pool — a jump from last year’s respective 26 and 14.28 percent. USC said 36 percent of admitted applicants hailed from California, 3 percent drop from last year.”

USC, Tarnished by Scandal, Will Fight On!

Arguably no university has been more impacted by the bribery and standardized test cheating scandal than USC but these students applied for admission before news of the scandal broke. Now do we anticipate that application figures will drop next year at USC, for the Class of 2024? No, we don’t. We think the trend of increasing applications and a lowering admit rate will continue. USC has dealt with scandals in the past, notably ones involving athletics. Now that’s an understatement: we’d be hard-pressed to think of a selective university that has dealt with more scandals. But the point is, USC — we suspect — will fight on!

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