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The 2012 “US News & World Report” college rankings came out today. Harvard University, last year’s #1 ranked national university, again landed the top spot but this year it shares that top spot with Princeton University. Ranking third in the US News college rankings is Yale University followed by Columbia University at fourth, Caltech, MIT, Stanford, University of Chicago, and Penn all at fifth, Duke at tenth, Dartmouth at eleventh, Northwestern at twelfth, Johns Hopkins at thirteenth, Wash U at fourteenth, and Brown and Cornell both at fifteenth.

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Harvard University and Princeton University top the 2012 "US News & World Report" college ranking.

So which colleges moved up and which colleges moved down in the US News college ranking? The University of Chicago climbed four slots to tie for the fifth slot. You can read about how the University of Chicago’s admissions rate has been dropping drastically in recent years in this post that has quite a bit of an impact on their college ranking. Dartmouth dropped from 9th to 11th.

We’ll be taking a look at the liberal arts college rankings as well but we wanted to hear your thoughts on the rankings. Do you think the US News college rankings are important? Do you think they have an important place in our society? Do you think the rankings are based on a solid algorithm or do you think the algorithm is flawed? Do you think it’s unethical for colleges to manipulate the rankings by specifically trying to improve key components of the algorithm so that they move up on the list? Let us know your thoughts and opinions below!


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