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April 12, 2011

University Recruitment

As students apply to more and more colleges, yield rates at colleges will invariably drop.

It’s that time of year when colleges and universities are attempting to sway admitted students to attend their schools. In no uncertain terms, the tables have turned. According to an “LA Times” article published today, “As students applied and were admitted to more schools, the yield — the percentage of accepted students who enroll — dipped in the last decade, from 48% to 43% for public universities and from 40% to 35% for private, not-for-profit schools, according to the National Assn. for College Admission Counseling. So to fill dorm beds and classrooms this fall, colleges are spending more to woo students in April, especially boosting social media usage, said David Hawkins, the group’s director for public policy and research.”

Have you been receiving glossy brochures, online chat invites, and invitations to visit the universities to which you were admitted? If you have, that’s because colleges are now competing against each other to get you to attend, to increase their yield and, ultimately, their “US News & World Report” ranking. Enjoy it! For it’s now your turn to have the power. But don’t forget to send in your decision card by May 1st!

Check out the “LA Times” article here.

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