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March 26, 2018

University of Virginia Class of 2022

UVA 2022, Class of 2022 at UVA, Virginia Class of 2022
UVA has released admissions decisions for its Class of 2022.

The University of Virginia has offered admission to 9,850 students for its Class of 2022. These 9,850 students were drawn from an applicant pool of 37,222 students. Last year’s applicant pool to the UVA Class of 2021 stood at 36,799 students. The applicant pool to the University of Virginia Class of 2022 marked the largest applicant pool in the school’s 199 year history. That’s a long history indeed — one that began with Thomas Jefferson. But unlike in Jefferson’s time, applicants don’t hail from 13 colonies. They hail from all 50 states and from 147 nations around our world.

University of Virginia Class of 2022

As reports Whitelaw Reid in a press release about the UVA Class of 2022, “At 34 percent, the School of Architecture had the highest offer rate, followed by the School of Engineering and Applied Science (30 percent), the College of Arts & Sciences (26 percent), the Curry School of Education (19 percent) and the School of Nursing (12 percent). Accepted students had a mean SAT score of 1,431, with 93 percent ranking in the top 10 percent of their graduating high school class. The Class of 2022 speaks to the University’s commitment to making an affordable, world-class education available to high-achieving students from all walks of life. Ten percent of all newly admitted students are first-generation college students and 35 percent come from minority backgrounds. The enrollment target for the class is 3,725 students, with 67 percent coming from Virginia. All students offered admission have until May 1 to accept their offers.”

Congratulations to all students who have earned admission to the UVA Class of 2022. You’ve earned admission to one of the finest public universities in the world!

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