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March 6, 2024

University of Notre Dame Waitlist Acceptance Rate

An aerial view of the University of Notre Dame, centered on the quad.
The University of Notre Dame regularly accepts students off its waitlist (photo credit: Eccekevin).

If your child was recently waitlisted to the University of Notre Dame, you’re likely wondering if they have a genuine shot of earning admission out of limbo. Or is being waitlisted by Notre Dame akin to being rejected? You’ve got questions. We at Ivy Coach have answers.

Your Chances of Admission to Notre Dame After Being Waitlisted

Below is Notre Dame’s waitlist data over the last 27 years — yes, 27 years. Among America’s highly selective universities, few schools keep more of their waitlist data available through The Common Data Set than the Indiana-based institution.

During this time frame, Notre Dame released all the necessary waitlist data to glean the school’s waitlist acceptance rate for the year in all but six of those years.

Notre Dame Waitlist Acceptance Rates and Statistics

Over the remaining 21 years, the average waitlist acceptance rate stood at 14.54% — with a high of 48.01% for the Class of 2006 and lows of 0% for the Classes of 2005, 2010, 2017, and 2019. An average of 109.86 students earned admission to Notre Dame out of limbo during this span.

University of Notre Dame Class YearNumber of Students Waitlisted to Notre DameNumber of Students Who Chose to Join Notre Dame WaitlistNumber of Students Accepted Off Notre Dame WaitlistNotre Dame Waitlist Acceptance Rate
Class of 2027Not PublishedNot PublishedNot PublishedNot Published
Class of 2026Not PublishedNot PublishedNot PublishedNot Published
Class of 2025Not PublishedNot PublishedNot PublishedNot Published
Class of 20241,7781,25353042.3%
Class of 20231,6001,02810810.51%
Class of 20221,450912202.19%
Class of 20211,5089019610.65%
Class of 20201,7967438511.44%
Class of 20191,60286900%
Class of 2018Not PublishedNot PublishedNot PublishedNot Published
Class of 20171,52180600%
Class of 20162,4611,153867.46%
Class of 20151,89395170.74%
Class of 20141,9331,02113613.32%
Class of 20132,0161,06025724.25%
Class of 20121,15569419027.38%
Class of 20111,02961918129.24%
Class of 201092860500%
Class of 20097875219818.81%
Class of 200884057412922.47%
Class of 200784057214224.83%
Class of 200671547722948.01%
Class of 200539833000%
Class of 20044842843813.38%
Class of 2003600431Not PublishedNot Published
Class of 20021,116692517.37%
Class of 2001977619345.49%

Your Chances of Admission to Notre Dame After Being Waitlisted with Ivy Coach’s Help

Over the last 30 years, around 44% of students who have first come to Ivy Coach after being placed on the Notre Dame waitlist have earned admission — compared to a 14.54% overall waitlist acceptance rate for the university over the most recent 21 years in which the institution has released the requisite data.

Ours is a two-step process that goes as follows:

  1. Complete Ivy Coach’s PostMortem application review. Before creating a go-forward plan, we need to see what went right and wrong in the student’s Common Application and Notre Dame supplement because how a student makes their case after being waitlisted can’t be out of left field. The narrative presented after being waitlisted must be consistent with the narrative presented in the initial application. This time, it just needs to be much more compelling.
  2.  Submit a compelling Letter of Continued Interest. Most parents know that waitlisted students should submit letters to improve their chances of being plucked off the waitlist. But how students approach letters typically does not serve their case for admission. You see, students tend to brag and update colleges on all that they’ve achieved over the few months since they first applied. That is an unlikely strategy for trying to inspire admissions officers to root for them. Ivy Coach’s Letters of Continued Interest are wonderfully weird and they show rather than tell how a student is going to contribute a singular hook to an institution.

Getting Started with Ivy Coach on Notre Dame Waitlist

If you’re interested in optimizing your child’s case for admission to Notre Dame off the waitlist to the Class of 2028, fill out our consultation form, indicate that your child’s been waitlisted, and we’ll be in touch to outline Ivy Coach‘s waitlist services for seniors.

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