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April 8, 2022

University of Notre Dame Class of 2026 Admissions Statistics

Notre Dame received more applications this year than ever before (photo credit: Eccekevin).

It was a record year for the University of Notre Dame’s admissions office. In all, 26,506 students applied to Notre Dame’s Class of 2026, marking a 12% uptick from last year. Of these students, 3,412 students earned admission (1,675 via Restrictive Early Action and 1,737 via Regular Decision). Of the 1,598 students deferred in the Early Action round, 145 ultimately got in. Separately, 3,046 Regular Decision applicants were waitlisted (last year, 107 students earned admission out of waitlist limbo). By our mathematics, this marks an overall admission rate of 12.9%, the lowest in the history of the Indiana-based university. To put these figures in historical perspective, for the Class of 2025, Notre Dame received a then-record 23,639 applications and admitted students at a then-record low rate of 14.6%. After such a stellar year in admissions, you’d think things might level off for the private Catholic research university. Not so much. Last year’s records were eclipsed by this year’s records. And just who got into Notre Dame’s Class of 2026?

As Claire Reid reports for The Observer in a piece entitled “University admits 3,412 to class of 2026 from record number of applicants,” “Students from 8,740 high schools applied, and 2,198 high schools are represented among admitted students. Admissions data showed that 47% of admitted students come from public schools, 33% from Catholic schools and 19% from non-Catholic private schools. Bishop said all 50 states, as well as 95 countries, are represented among admitted students. 18.7% of admitted students are international students, U.S. students living abroad or have dual citizenship. The admitted student cohort is also made up of 41% U.S. students of color — specifically 15% Hispanic and Latino students, 14% Black students, 11% Asian and Pacific Islander students and 1% Native American students. First-generation college students make up 14% of the admitted class. [Associate vice president for undergraduate enrollment Don] Bishop also estimates 18 to 20% of the class of 2026 has at least one parent who graduated from Notre Dame.”

Congratulations to Ivy Coach’s students who earned admission to the University of Notre Dame Class of 2026. Rah, rah, for Notre Dame; We will fight in ev-ry game; Strong of heart and true to her name; We will ne’er forget her; And will cheer her ever; Loyal to Notre Dame!

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