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March 6, 2024

University of Michigan Waitlist Acceptance Rate

A few students gather in on a path cutting through a grassy quad at the University of Michigan.
The University of Michigan historically keeps a long waitlist.

If your child was recently waitlisted to the University of Michigan’s Class of 2028, you’re likely wondering if there’s any hope they’ll receive an offer of admission. So let’s break down their chances of earning entry out of limbo to one of our nation’s top universities — and arguably its top public university. Spoiler alert: UMichigan regularly turns to its waitlist.

UMichigan Waitlist Acceptance Rates and Statistics

Below are UMichigan’s waitlist acceptance rates and statistics for the Class of 2027 through the Class of 2002.

University of Michigan Class YearNumber of Students Waitlisted to UMichiganNumber of Students Who Chose to Join UMichigan WaitlistNumber of Students Accepted Off UMichigan WaitlistUMichigan Waitlist Acceptance Rate
UMichigan Class of 2028TBDTBDTBDTBD
UMichigan Class of 2027 21,07815,076770.51%
UMichigan Class of 202617,80513,063680.52%
UMichigan Class of 202520,7239,8561,24812.66%
UMichigan Class of 202412,5274,922891.81%
UMichigan Class of 202314,7836,0004156.92%
UMichigan Class of 202211,1274,12447011.4%
UMichigan Class of 202111,1973,970360.91%
UMichigan Class of 202014,9604,512900.2%
UMichigan Class of 201912,6314,457912.04%
UMichigan Class of 201810,7093,523892.53%
UMichigan Class of 201713,6154,010741.85%
UMichigan Class of 201614,6594,498420.93%
UMichigan Class of 20159,4093,724792.12%
UMichigan Class of 20148,9262,4401004.1%
UMichigan Class of 2013Not PublishedNot PublishedNot PublishedNot Published
UMichigan Class of 20125,6622,06700%
UMichigan Class of 20118,3852,77652518.91%
UMichigan Class of 20106,4891,86300%
UMichigan Class of 20094,8361,53750.33%
UMichigan Class of 20084,10099700%
UMichigan Class of 20074,6771,21900%
UMichigan Class of 20053,7161,00500%
UMichigan Class of 2004Not PublishedNot PublishedNot PublishedNot Published
UMichigan Class of 2003Not PublishedNot PublishedNot PublishedNot Published
UMichigan Class of 2002Not PublishedNot PublishedNot PublishedNot Published

Your Chances of Admission to UMichigan After Being Waitlisted

Over the last 25 years, UMichigan has released its waitlist admissions statistics 21 times. So the school isn’t exactly cagey about their waitlist figures. We wish we could say the same for Harvard University.

And over the 21 years in which UMichigan has reported waitlist statistics, the elite public institution has turned to its waitlist on 16 occasions — or 76.2% of the time.

Over the same 21-year span, UMichigan’s average waitlist acceptance rate was around 3.22%. If you take out the five years in which UMichigan didn’t accept any students off its waitlist, the school’s waitlist acceptance rate shoots up to approximately 6.35%.

During this window, UMichigan admitted a high of 1,248 students off the waitlist to the Class of 2025 (during the height of the pandemic when waitlisted applicants were selected out of limbo to fill the seats of gap year students) and a low of five to its Class of 2009.

On average, over the 21 years, approximately 167 students earned admission off the UMichigan waitlist annually. Removing the five years in which UMichigan pulled no students off its waitlist and the school’s average number of students accepted out of limbo over the 16 years shoots up to 218.6 students. So, yes, UMichigan’s waitlisted students have a real shot of earning admission if they play their cards right.

Your Chances of Admission to UMichigan After Being Waitlisted with Ivy Coach’s Help

Over the last 30 years, 46% of students whose parents have first approached Ivy Coach after their children were placed on the UMichigan waitlist have earned admission. That’s right — nearly half of students who first come to us after being waitlisted to UMichigan are offered the chance to be Wolverines.

So how can UMichigan students play their cards right to give themselves the best opportunity of earning admission out of dreaded limbo? Ivy Coach’s process for UMichigan’s waitlisted students includes two steps, which go as follows:

  1. Complete Ivy Coach’s PostMortem application review. We need to comb through your child’s complete Common Application and UMichigan supplement so we know precisely how they presented themselves. A mathematician should not suddenly present as a horticulturist once on the waitlist. During this PostMortem, we’ll highlight what went right and wrong. It’s not to Monday morning quarterback. It’s so we can discern your child’s go-forward strategy.
  2. Send in a powerful Letter of Continued Interest to UMichigan. The narrative we help students craft after being waitlisted must be consistent with the narrative they previously presented — just much more compellingly told. Ivy Coach’s students’ Letters of Continued Interest include no brags or updates. They’re love letters specifically tailored to each school. And, no, name-dropping professors and classes do not count as genuine specifics that demonstrate a student’s love for a university.

Getting Started with Ivy Coach on University of Michigan Waitlist

If you’re interested in optimizing your child’s case for admission off the University of Michigan waitlist, fill out Ivy Coach’s consultation form, indicate that your child has been placed on the waitlist, and we’ll then be in touch to outline our waitlist services.

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