University of Michigan Admissions Stats

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Nearly 40,000 students applied to the University of Michigan this past admissions cycle (photo credit: AndrewHorne).

The University of Michigan, a university that has made headlines of late with the recent decision by a federal appeals court to strike down the measure that made it illicit to use race as a factor in college admission, has come out with data on its incoming class. The University of Michigan admissions stats reflect a 25% rise in applications from the previous admissions cycle.

The record number of applications to UMich now stands at 39,570, according to Approximately 15% of applicants will matriculate to the university. The class will be about 500 students smaller than the previous year due to a lack of room. Students from the state of Michigan will be attending in high numbers, partly due to the tough economic times (attending an in-state school can be a much cheaper alternative).


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