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April 28, 2011

University of Michigan Admissions Decisions

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The University of Michigan admissions office was super slow this year in notifying all of its applicants. And that’s just not right (photo credit: AndrewHorne).

We’re only a couple of days away from the date in which high school students need to inform colleges of where they intend to matriculate. Some students sent in their decision a month ago. Others have waited until these last few days and if the decision was a tough one, waiting was the right choice. Why not give yourself the time to make up your mind? What if you have a change of heart? It’s best to give yourself the time to think your college decision over. But if you are a student who applied to the University of Michigan, the U of M admissions staff didn’t give you that very opportunity. 10,000 of the University of Michigan admissions decisions, after all, just went out exactly one week ago — on April 21st!

The always controversial University of Michigan admissions office received 20% more applications for a projected total of approximately 38,000 applications. With the surge in applications, the university admissions staff had to hire additional admissions counselors and even those hires couldn’t prevent the delay in sending admissions decisions to so many university applicants. Oh please! Every university had a surge in applications and they managed to get their acts together. Hire more readers! Read faster! Don’t require a supplement if it takes you this long to read applications!

It’s just not right that students who received word of their University of Michigan admissions decisions only last week now have one week to decide if that’s the university they wish to attend. What if they already sent in a card to another school indicating they will come because they hadn’t yet heard from Michigan? What if they now want to attend Michigan and have to tell the college they committed to that they changed their mind? What if students are now debating between Michigan and another college and now they don’t have the time to visit Michigan? It’s just not right. University of Michigan, get your act together.

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