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At 15.8%, University of Chicago admissions had a very competitive admissions rate this past cycle. They may not have had the lowest admission rate among all highly selective colleges but they do boast one admissions claim. For the Class of 2015, Yale University had a 7.4% admission rate. Columbia University had a 6.9% admit rate, Harvard a 6.2% (check out more Ivy League Admission Statistics). But no highly competitive university, according to the “Chicago Maroon” experienced a more rapid decline in the admission rate if you compare the incoming Class of 2015 to the rising college seniors, the Class of 2012.

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The University of Chicago has seen their admission rate fall drastically in recent years, according to this chart from the "Chicago Maroon."

At the University of Chicago, the admission rate is in fact 12 percentage points lower for the Class of 2015 as compared to the Class of 2012. That’s a major statistical difference and can largely be attributed to the University of Chicago’s increased recruitment efforts. But all highly competitive universities have ramped up their recruitment efforts in recent years. Check out our post on college admissions recruitment to learn about how colleges recruit students who they know don’t have a chance of ever getting accepted.

So why has the University of Chicago’s admission rate dropped so drastically? According to administrators, more students from the South and California are now aware of the university and the Chicago Studies program, and this has also led to increased applications. Do you think that this tells the full story? We don’t and we’re trying to get the answers as to why the University of Chicago’s admission rate has fallen so dramatically the last couple of years if all high competitive colleges have ramped up recruiting efforts. There must be something else they’re doing differently.


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  • Greg Mantell says:

    There are several reasons for the rapid rise of the University of Chicago. In some ways it was in a unique position. It has always had the best undergraduate program in the U.S. but was also the most underrated. Most parents and students don’t really care about the quality of education students receive; they are focused solely on how hard a college is to get into. Social prestige–bragging to your friends, that sort of thing.
    But UChicago is quickly making up for lost time and it’s better positioned to do so than anyone else.
    1) College rankings, such as U.S. News and others (although they tended to underrate Chicago) nonetheless help spread the word and fuel applications
    2) Better recruitment and adoption of the Common Application attracted more applicants
    3) Don’t discount things like the internet, Facebook, College Confidential, etc. Now that UChicago is hot, word spreads very quickly. Building a reputation or buzz for being hot doesn’t take generations.
    4) It’s easier for UChicago to attract more applicants because it’s already a top school. It doesn’t have to build quality as Stanford had to do when it climbed the rankings. Instead, Chicago’s popularity just has to catch up with its quality.
    5) There is a snowballing affect. The harder UChicago gets to get into, the more people want to go. And more people will apply. Which will boost it in the rankings. And more people will apply. And so on. Etc., etc.

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