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September 20, 2011

University of California Tuition

UC Tuition, University of Cal Tuition, UC System Tuition
University of California tuition for California residents is only going up and up and up (photo credit: Brainchildren).

University of California tuition costs are on the rise. Again. This should come as no great shock as University of California schools have been turning to more and more out-of-state applicants since these students pay quite a bit more than California residents. In short, there’s a major budget crisis in California and the UC system needs money. That means tuition is only going to go up…significantly.

How significantly? Well, according to the “LA Times” article on University of California tuition, “[In-state] students could face annual tuition increases of 8% to 16% over the next four years, possibly bringing the fee as high as $22,068 for the 2015-16 school year, according to a long-term budget plan the university unveiled Wednesday.” And what’s the major reason for the increases? Well, due to the down economy, the University of California will be receiving less funding this year than last year from the State of California.

What do you think about the rise in University of California tuition? Do you think it’s fair that out-of-staters are getting an edge in the UC admissions process? Do you think this trend will end? Let us know your thoughts by sharing your comments below. And have a look at our posts on University of California Admissions and University of California Tuition Costs.

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