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Latino applicants are on the rise to UC schools (photo credit: Brainchildren).

As Tanya Abrams reports on “The New York Times'” “The Choice” blog, the University of California recorded a milestone during this year’s college admissions cycle with respect to University of California applicants. As Abrams writes, “For the first time, the University of California system has received more freshman applications from Latino students than from any other racial or ethnic group in the state, officials announced Friday.” This is an extraordinary — if unsurprising — development for University of California applicants (this includes applicants to all UC schools — not just Berkeley).

Do you think that Latino students will now always be the majority group in the applicant pool to the University of California schools? Do you think this statistic is a fluke. We certainly don’t think it’s a fluke but rather the beginning of a very long trend. For their record high number of applicants this year, we doubt UC officials were surprised with the number of Latino applicants. It’s been a rising trend for years and it was only a matter of time until Latino University of California applicants would reach this milestone.

Writes Abrams, “As the number of Latino applicants to University of California schools has risen, so, too, has the number of applications to all nine of the University of California‚Äôs institutions. The U.C. system received 174,767 applications this year, a record high.” What do you make of these numbers? Do you forecast any other trends in the University of California system? Let us know your thoughts on the matter by posting below!


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