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If you’re an out of state applicant who needs financial aid, applying to a University of California campus may not be your best option.

This year, the University of California system, which could lose 500 million dollars in funding next year, accepted much more out of state applicants this admissions cycle than in previous years. How will out of state applicants help the state’s notorious budget crisis? Out of state students in the UC system pay an average of $34,000 a year as compared to an average of $11,000 a year paid by native Californians. And therein lies the difference. Do you think applicants from outside California to colleges such as University of California – Berkeley and UCLA now stand a better chance with University of California admissions?

The fact is, the University of California admissions officers still need to fill the vast majority of slots with California residents so to say that out of state applicants have an advantage is not exactly correct. But then again, the University of California system needs the out of state students to cover the cost of California residents who are admitted and will need financial aid. But what if you’re an out of state resident who needs financial aid? Then perhaps you should consider applying elsewhere. With California in a major budget crisis, it may prove easier for an out of stater to get admitted to Stanford University than Berkeley if you need financial aid.

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