University of Chicago Class of 2021 Yield

UChicago Yield, Yield at UChicago, 2021 UChicago Yield

The University of Chicago had a banner year this past admissions cycle (photo credit: Richie Diesterheft).

The University of Chicago has reported a 72% yield for its Class of 2021, marking one the highest college yield rates across America. In all, 1,735 students matriculated to the University of Chicago this fall, the school’s largest incoming class in recent history. These 1,735 students who chose to matriculate to UChicago were among 27,694 students who applied this past year — meaning that a mere 8.7% of students got in.

University of Chicago Class of 2021 Yield

We love it when colleges cite the stories of admitted students in their press releases often because it gives us something to shoot for and it gives our readers insight into what these institutions are looking for (if they don’t get it by now). We love it when our students happen to be touted in press releases about incoming classes. In fact, in 2017, our students were cited in three press releases of highly selective schools for the admissions cycle. Here’s how the University of Chicago touted some of its incoming students in its press release: “This year’s class includes a student whose DNA research revealed a new species of dragonfly in South Africa, the founder of a nonprofit tutoring company, a decorated gymnast, a United Nations intern, an expert in Brazilian martial arts who plans to study molecular engineering and students with a wide array of other interests.”

One Reason for University of Chicago’s High Yield

We’ve been praising the University of Chicago for many years for offering truly unique essay prompts. In defiance of a trend to encourage more students to apply, the University of Chicago offers essay prompts that may very well discourage students from applying because the essays are long and can’t necessarily be repurposed for other universities. The school asks students to choose from one of six extended essay prompts and to reply in 1-2 pages. And applicants are also asked why they wish to go to the University of Chicago in a second essay of the same length.

So students who apply to the school have to really want to go to the University of Chicago. They’re not just filling out yet another college application. It’s one reason why the school happens to boast an impressive 72% yield for its Class of 2021.

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  • James Anderson says:

    “In defiance of a trend to encourage more students to apply…”

    You have got to be kidding me. UC admissions has become the biggest marketing scam in the United States.

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