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March 22, 2013

University Admissions Decisions

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Don’t forget as you receive word of your university admissions decisions to learn your fate alone. Alone as in with nobody else around. It’s not a good idea to surround yourself with friends when you read the email that will tell you whether or not you’ve been admitted to the college of your dreams. What if that friend didn’t get in? What if they’re jealous? What if they’re resentful because they had better grades and scores than you and didn’t get in? These just aren’t good emotions to surround yourself with as you find out where you might be spending the next four years of your life.

If you’re someone who has been refreshing your email inbox constantly in class, or on spring break, or in the shower, or in between laps in the pool (your phone is bound to get wet), it’s time to stop. Turn off your phone. Your admissions decisions aren’t going to be overturned because you didn’t receive the email the second it was sent. Seriously. College admissions counselors aren’t monitoring how quickly it took you to read your decision. And, frankly, the ball isn’t in their court when they send out their decisions. It’s in yours — whether or not you were admitted.

We can’t tell you how many high school seniors we see who are glued to their phones around this time waiting on their admissions decisions. They all look absolutely miserable. There’s no need to be miserable at this time. If you’re on spring break, enjoy it. Soak in some sun. Read books. Yes, you read that correctly. Read books for pleasure. Does that seem foreign to you? Oy vey. Just get off the phone. There’s no need to constantly click refresh, Mark Zuckerberg.

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