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University admission in India includes a sports quota for 5% of university seats. But this quota may soon end.

Delhi University in India is debating whether or not to continue its policy of having a sports quota for the incoming class of students. Typically, 5% of all seats at a college are reserved for students who have been awarded laurels in athletics or other extracurricular pursuits. But Hindu College, which is a part of Delhi University (think of it like the UC system in California although it should be noted that university admission in India doesn’t resemble the UC admission process one bit), wants to do away with this 5% sports quota and now Delhi University must decide if they should eliminate the policy completely.

Said Vinay Kumar Srivastava, principal of Hindu College, “The governing body has decided to suspend the sports and ECA admissions for two years. We have now written to the university seeking clarification on whether admissions in this category can be abolished without an approval from the executive council. We are waiting for a reply.”

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