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Trinity College has joined the Universal College Application. We at Ivy Coach salute them for this bold move.

A big congratulations to our friends at the Universal College Application! We at Ivy Coach have been very vocal about all of the problems students and school counselors have been experiencing this fall with the Common Application. So it should come as no surprise to you that we have been encouraging colleges — especially highly selective colleges — to defy the financial penalty that the Common Application imposes on universities that do not offer the Common App. on an exclusive basis by choosing to also offer the Universal College Application. And now, Tufts University and Trinity College have both decided to join the Universal College Application!

As quoted in an article in an article on the UCA in “The Examiner” by Craig Meister, “In yet another sign of how horrible the problems are with the Common Application, which was completely functionally and aesthetically redesigned this summer, two more prestigious colleges have opted to offer potential applicants another way in which to apply for fall 2014 admission. Today Trinity College and Tufts University became the second and third new member institutions to join the Universal College Application this month.” Yeah, Trinity and Tufts! Way to stand in defiance of a ridiculous penalty that some may even argue is a restraint of trade in these United States of America.

Apparently, the Dean of Admissions at Trinity was very impressed by the responsiveness of the staff at the Universal College Application. She also stated that it has a fast and easy setup and the partnership would aim to reduce the stress of many college applicants. She couldn’t be more right. Way to go, again, Trinity and Tufts. You did the right thing.


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