Universal College App and Cornell

UCA, UCA and Cornell, College App and Cornell

We salute Cornell University for defying the Common Application by joining the Universal College Application (photo credit: Eustress).

The Universal College Application is coming to Cornell University. Months ago, we at Ivy Coach implored schools to defy the Common Application by refusing to offer their application on an exclusive basis — in spite of the financial penalty that they would incur from the Common App. by offering the Universal College App as well. And now Cornell University has become one of the most high profile schools to say that they will proudly join the Universal College Application as well. Good for you, Cornell!

According to the Cornell admissions website, “Cornell University has made the decision to provide an additional application option for students and high school guidance counselors. Cornell University first-year and transfer applicants will now be able to apply using the Common Application (CA) or the Universal College Application (UCA). Students will choose one format to submit all required application materials. Although there are slight differences in the applications, it is important to recognize that both applications provide us with the critical information that our selection committees will need to make thoughtful admissions decisions. The UCA will be immediately available for submission to Cornell University. However, students will need to return to the UCA website in early December to pay the application fee. Processing of these applications will not begin until mid-December, so applicants will not receive online application status account credentials until that time.”

Ivy Coach salutes Cornell University for daring to defy the Common Application. Common App. couldn’t get it together this fall and now they’re paying the price. Deservedly so. Congratulations to the Universal College Application. You’ve got our support.


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