UNC’s Defense of Race as Factor in Admissions

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UNC is currently defending its consideration of race in its admissions practices (photo credit: Yeungb).

A few weeks back, we reported on a new lawsuit filed by Students For Fair Admissions, the group currently suing Harvard for alleged discrimination against Asian American applicants. This new suit was filed against the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill over alleged violations of federal civil rights laws and it marked the latest attack on the practice of Affirmative Action in college admissions. But you can bet the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will take the fight right to SFFA. That’s for sure.

As reports Benjamin Wermund for “Politico” in a piece entitled “‘Give these brown babies a shot’: UNC defends its use of race in admissions,” “UNC’s attorneys say the school has ‘closely adhered’ to Supreme Court precedent, including considering race in admissions in a narrowly tailored manner. They say the lawsuit is just one of the group’s ‘attempts to rewrite the law and dictate University policy.’ SFFA wants the court to ‘impose a new constitutional standard’ on UNC, the lawyers say.”

Entered into evidence in SFFA’s case against UNC are 2014 comments made by a UNC admissions officer in an online chat that read, “Can we get excited for this brown … boy who’s being raised by his grandfather, wants to become a surgeon, #2 in his class?” So you can bet SFFA will rely on these comments (and others that will undoubtedly come to light just as they did for Harvard) as they mount their case in the months to come against Carolina. Stay tuned!


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