UNC Defends Affirmative Action

UNC is the latest defender of Affirmative Action (photo credit: Yeungb).

The baton has been passed to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. UNC marks the latest school asked to defend its consideration of race in the admissions process. In a trial that will take place over these next two weeks before U.S. District Judge Loretta C. Biggs in Winston-Salem, N.C., UNC will be defending itself against allegations that the university violates federal civil rights law by offering preferential treatment to African American and Latinx applicants over more qualified white and Asian American applicants. And what group is suing UNC? The very same group that previously filed suit against Harvard, lost the case, and is now appealing the decision: Students for Fair Admissions. The group, once again, is backed by conservative activist Edward Blum, the one-man band fighting Affirmative Action.

As Melissa Korn reports for The Wall Street Journal in a piece entitled “Latest Trial Over College Affirmative Action to Begin in North Carolina,” “Unlike the Harvard suit, which focused on whether Harvard held Asian-American applicants to a higher standard than applicants of other races, the lawsuit against UNC is more of a dispute over the size of preferences for Black, Hispanic and Native American applicants, compared with white and Asian-American applicants. The plaintiffs also allege that UNC didn’t fully pursue race-neutral alternatives to diversify its student body. Students for Fair Admissions said in court filings that its analysis of UNC’s admissions data showed race and ethnicity were a ‘determinative’ factor for many underrepresented minorities, particularly for those applicants from outside the state.”

We’ll be reporting on the SFFA v. UNC case over these next two weeks. It will be interesting to see if UNC will be able to claim victory over the group as Harvard did just a little over a year ago. Stay tuned for updates.


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  • Jc says:

    I wish I had English training to write better but I need to say few words regardless.

    I am a black African refugee In Canada and my kids are in middle and high school.
    We work hard to do well in school and my son have 1560 SAT Score and perfect scores in any SAT subject and AP courses he took. His high school courses are close to 98% or above.

    He reads university courses such as numerical analysis, multi variable calculus and econometrics to mention a few.

    We found out that it is easy to do well this tests if given some attention and time to practice. It has nothing to do with being smart or have unusual intelligence at least in our case.

    His Asian and White friends at school appreciate and love him and my family love them too. Their encouragement and support is invaluable to us and without them our lives wouldn’t have been as rich as it is now.

    I can’t imagine him going a university full of black people that denies entrance to others let alone the most marginalized members of our community.

    With all the power that accrues to Asians and whites from Japan to California and in between, I don’t understand why small group from these communities are interested in chasing few spots given or favoured to native and black Americans. Thankfully, the majority of Asians and Whites said no to this kind of lawsuits and appreciate our presence and contribution as native and black people of this amazing world.

    I sometimes wonder what would happen if my kids who are high academic achievers through hard work are accepted into these fancy universities everyone want to enrol. Would they be seen as being given the opportunity they didn’t deserve while denying the smarter more academically qualified whites and Asians their rightful position as this lawsuit suggests.
    I wonder if it is even worth us considering these universities. May be we leave the most powerful in every aspect of life in this would to compete the limited positions available. I think we can get good education somewhere else.

    This site and many people like Brian Taylor’s fairness and decency is appreciated. As a powerless minority, we depend on you to feel our pain and if you can say few words in our defence is even more recognized and valued in our community.

    Thank you.

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