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Ivy Coach has been featured in just about every publication under the sun over the years. But an article in today’s “The Dartmouth” is very possibly our favorite. We’ll tell you why on Sunday.

As you may know from reading our blog or perusing our website, Ivy Coach is in the press quite a bit — from “The New York Times” to “The Wall Street Journal” and everything in between. There are companies that appear before the investors on ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank” and say that they’ve got brand recognition, usually leading to snickers from moguls Kevin O’Leary and Daymond John. But Ivy Coach really does have brand recognition. We were once at lunch in Beverly Hills with Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt, the celebrated authors of “Freakonomics” and Dubner mentioned Bev’s name upon hearing Ivy Coach (the lunch was about a TV show that had nothing to do with college admissions and Bev wasn’t there — her son was). Mention Ivy Coach to a group of admissions officers and they sure will know us. Mention Ivy Coach to a group of high school parents on the subway in Manhattan and they’ll know us. Same goes for a group of mothers dining at the Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills. In the world of highly selective college admissions, Ivy Coach is, well, ubiquitous.

Unlike our students applying to highly selective colleges who we always help so they appear modest on their applications and in their interviews, we make no apologies for our boasting. We are an American business and we are perfectly entitled to brag about our success. That’s what businesses do…at least smart ones! We also make no apologies for our fees — even if some might say they are high — or our approach. We sugarcoat nothing. If we don’t like an essay, we’ll tell you it is absolutely terrible. We’ll also then tell you why it’s terrible and we’ll brainstorm a new take. Our blog, as a loyal reader, you may notice is utterly unapologetic. Depending on the day and the news, we are critical of top college admissions offices. We are critical of testing companies (hi College Board). We are critical of students who complain about the “unfair” admissions process in the press.

Anyhow, this is all a lead up to our analysis of an article we were featured in today on the pages of “The Dartmouth.” We’ll be writing about that piece on Sunday! Of all the articles we’ve ever been featured in over the last couple of decades, this one’s our very favorite.


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