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If you’re a California resident on the UCLA waitlist, know that your chances of admission are slim to none with an emphasis on the none (photo credit: Nikhil Kulkarni).

IVY COACH EXCLUSIVE: UCLA will not be going to their waitlist this year if you’re a resident of the state of California, according to our sources. Students from other states and countries on the waitlist may still have a shot. From this year’s applicant pool to the University of California – Los Angeles, 16,177 students earned admission. This figure included 9,539 residents of the California Republic. Of these 9,539 Californian students, 31% would be the first in their families to graduate from a four-year university and 31% also are from low-income families, according to “UCLA Newsroom.”

Of the 80,497 students who applied to UCLA, about 20% ended up getting in. Of those admitted, 6,638 students hail from a state other than California or hail from another country. Why so many students from other states and countries, you ask? The bottom line. Students from other states and countries pay the full tuition. The UC system needs the money.

Some students were placed on the UCLA waitlist but we’ll be the first to report publicly that UCLA will not be going to their waitlist this year for California residents, based on what we’ve heard from our sources. That’s right — if you’re from California, were placed on the UCLA waitlist, and chose to remain on it, you should know that the university to our knowledge will not be able to offer you admission. If you got your hopes up that maybe UCLA would go to their waitlist and offer you a spot, we’re sorry to be the ones to break the news to you that this won’t be the case this year. If you’re a California resident that is.

UCLA should probably put out a statement that they won’t be going to their waitlist this year for residents of their own state. It’ll help high school seniors solidify their college plans. No sense offering hope when no such hope should exist. That’s our feeling on the matter. Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts by posting below! And do you think it’s unfair that they still might go to their waitlist for out-of-staters and international applicants? Let us know your feelings on that too!


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  • Natalie says:

    I definitely agree that UCLA should send out a message about this. I am a CA resident myself; I know many people who are still hanging on their last thread of hope of going to UCLA and are dreading the school they plan to SIR to. I was lucky to have opened my mind to other schools that accepted me when I found out I was wait listed and in the end started loving UCI. UCLA would be nice to go to, but UCI is no means a lower alternative for me. However, if I was still holding on the little hope of going to UCLA, and it was made final that UCLA is not accepting CA residents, I would be extremely angry and disappointed that UCLA did not inform me so that I could give other schools a chance to win me over.

    • Tom K. Lee says:

      All the UCs favor California residents, as they state on the website. It’s hard for out of state students to get into Berkeley or UCLA. In that sense, it would be fair to save the spots for out of state students.

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