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March 23, 2019

UCLA Class of 2023 Application Figures

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UCLA has released admissions decisions for its Class of 2023 (photo credit: Satyriconi).

In all, UCLA received 111,322 applications to its Class of 2023 — the class that enrolled in 2019. This figure compares to 113,761 students who applied to UCLA’s Class of 2022 and 102,242 who applied to UCLA’s Class of 2021.

So while applications were strong for UCLA’s Class of 2023, it was not a banner year in admissions for the public institution. For the UCLA Class of 2026, 139,490 students submitted applications.

Breakdown of the UCLA Class of 2023 Applicant Pool

For the Class of 2023, 50,177 applicants identified as men, 58,654 as women, and 2,491 identified as other or it was unknown. 69,558 of the 111,322 applicants hailed from within California, 23,023 lived in another U.S. state or territory, and 18,685 came from outside the United States.

International applications were down slightly (along with overall applications) from the previous year when 19,445 international students applied. However, the figure was still up from two years prior when 17,841 applied for admission.

12.3% of Applicants to UCLA’s Class of 2023 Earned Admission

Of the 111,322 students who applied to UCLA’s Class of 2023, 13,720 earned admission to the Class of 2023, marking an overall admission rate of 12.32%. The year before, the overall admission rate stood at 14.1%. The 25%–75% middle GPA and test scores for admitted students were 4.16–4.31 (GPA), 31 – 35 (ACT), 670 – 750 (SAT Reading), and 690 – 790 (SAT Math).

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