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June 18, 2024

UCLA Acceptance Rate and Statistics

UCLA’s Royce Hall is featured beyond a lawn.
Applications to UCLA have surged in recent years (photo credit: Alton).

If you’re curious about the University of California, Los Angeles’ acceptance rate, you’ve come to the right place. We at Ivy Coach have aggregated the total number of applicants, the total number of offers of admission, and the overall acceptance rate for the Class of 2027 through the Class of 2004. The data currently available for the Class of 2028 is also featured, though this data will be updated when more information becomes publicly available. So what’s UCLA’s acceptance rate, and how has it changed over time?

UCLA Acceptance Rate for Classes of 2027-2004

Below you’ll find the overall admission rate, total applications, and total offers of admission for each of the last 20+ years at UCLA. These figures are drawn from UCLA’s reporting to The Common Data Set.

UCLA Class of 2028 Admission Rate Not Yet Available

UCLA, unlike other schools, reports their figures to The Common Data Set a bit differently. UCLA’s 2023-2024 Common Data Set is for students who enrolled in the fall of 2023 — meaning it’s for the Class of 2027, not the Class of 2028.

For the Class of 2028, as of the date of this publication, we can only report that applications stood at around 146,250. The number of admitted students has not yet been made public and, as such, one cannot yet calculate the Class of 2028’s overall admission rate.

Past Acceptance Rates at UCLA

UCLA Class YearTotal ApplicationsTotal Offers of AdmissionOverall Acceptance Rate
Class of 2028146,250Not Yet PublishedNot Yet Published
Class of 2027145,91012,7378.73%
Class of 2026149,81512,8448.57%
Class of 2025139,49015,02810.77%
Class of 2024108,87715,60214.33%
Class of 2023108,83113,43212.34%
Class of 2022111,01115,55614.01%
Class of 2021100,25216,09016.05%
Class of 202097,12117,47417.99%
Class of 201992,72816,01617.27%
Class of 201886,54816,05918.56%
Class of 201780,52216,44820.43%
Class of 201672,69715,98221.98%
Class of 201561,52815,68825.5%
Class of 201457,67013,08822.69%
Class of 201355,70812,17921.86%
Class of 201255,43712,66022.84%
Class of 201150,75511,96323.57%
Class of 201047,31712,18925.76%
Class of 200942,22711,36126.9%
Class of 200843,1999,94923.03%
Class of 200744,99410,58123.52%
Class of 200643,44310,45524.07%
Class of 200540,73910,95326.89%
Class of 200437,79410,94528.96%

The University of California Los Angeles Acceptance Rate and Application Trends

Notice a trend in UCLA’s admissions figures? Except for four times over the last 24 years, UCLA’s first-year applications have increased year-over-year — often dramatically.

One of those four occasions was for the Class of 2027 when applications fell from an all-time high of 149,815 for the Class of 2026 to 145,910 for the Class of 2027.

Additionally, UCLA’s overall admission rate has plummeted over the last quarter of a century — from 28.96% for the Class of 2004 to 8.57% for the Class of 2026 (it stood at 8.73% for the Class of 2027). Since the Class of 2004, the admission rate has dropped year-over-year all but six times (with a couple of bumps in the road, like for the Classes of 2009 and 2015 when the acceptance rate jumped up fairly significantly).

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