UChicago Class of 2023 Yield

UChicago Yield, Yield at Chicago, University of Chicago 2023
UChicago’s yield was unexpectedly high this year (photo credit: Bryan Y.W. Shin).

Curious about the percentage of students admitted to the University of Chicago‘s Class of 2023 who chose to matriculate? That figure would be 83%. That’s right. 83% of students who got into the school ranked #3 in the latest US News & World Report rankings — behind only Princeton University and Harvard University and tied with Columbia University, Yale University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology — chose to go. And if you’re curious how this figure stacks up against the same figure for the Class of 2022, it’s up by six percentage points, which is fairly significant. 77% of students admitted to UChicago’s Class of 2022 chose to matriculate.

UChicago Will Accommodate a Large Class of 2023

And how exactly is UChicago going to accommodate so many students with this presumably unpredicted yield rate? As reports Oren Oppenheim for The Chicago Maroon in a piece entitled “Yield Rate Rises to 84% for Class of 2023; Admit Rate Now at 6.2%,” “The 83 percent yield rate means that the number of students enrolled in the Class of 2023 is around 1,780 students, which is fewer than the 1,806 students that enrolled in the Class of 2022. Although the Class of 2023 has a higher yield rate than the Class of 2022, its admissions rate is lower. Last July, the University tried to accommodate the large size of the Class of 2022 by offering financial incentives for students to move from campus housing to the Vue 53 apartment complex.”

Congratulations to the University of Chicago on their 83% yield for the Class of 2023. To put the yield in context, nearly 83% of students admitted to Harvard University’s Class of 2023 chose to go. So that’s some good company!


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  • helfj says:

    Wondering how much the increase in yield has to do with the fact that UChicago has an EA/EDI/EDII scheme (which no other elite school does) and is also allegedly accepting 70-80% of its class EA/EDI/EDII (again unique among elite schools).
    Looking at just the yield alone one would think UChicago is just as desirable as Harvard or Stanford, and more desirable than Yale, Princeton, and MIT, which is of course far from the truth.

    • Deb Cha says:

      If what helfj is saying is true (no time to look), it only cheapens UChicago.

    • phys buzz says:

      In my professional circles, which skew toward the hard sciences and business, UChicago is certainly more seen as more desirable than Yale. I think your assessments of relative desirability are far too sweeping to be accurate.

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