UC Schools Likely to Continue SAT or ACT Admission Requirement

Faculty leaders at the UC schools have recommended the continued consideration of the SAT and ACT in the undergraduate admissions process (photo credit: Gku).

Leaders of the faculty at University of California schools have recommended to continue requiring applicants to submit either an SAT or ACT score in the college admissions process. Under immense pressure from groups like the Compton Unified School District, College Access Plan, College Seekers, Community Coalition, the Dolores Huerta Foundation, and Little Manila Rising which recently filed suit against the UC schools for requiring these exams that they allege (as expressed in their letter to the UC Regents) “create unlawful barriers to underrepresented students,” there was always a chance the UC schools could drop the SAT/ACT testing requirement. We didn’t suspect the UC schools would strike such an enormous, crushing blow to ACT and College Board, the makers of the ACT and SAT, but the possibility did exist. That possibility — at least for now — seems more remote.

The University of California is An Important Customer of Testing Companies

As Teresa Watanabe reports for The Los Angeles Times in a piece entitled “UC should keep SAT and ACT as admission requirements, faculty report says,” “University of California faculty leaders are recommending the continued use of the controversial SAT and ACT as an admission requirement for now, citing UC data showing the standardized tests may actually help boost enrollment of disadvantaged students, according to a highly anticipated report released Monday…As the nation’s premier public research university and largest user of the SAT exam, the UC system carries outsized influence over the future of standardized testing. Powerful UC voices have criticized use of the test, including Board of Regents chairman John A. Pérez and UC Berkeley Chancellor Carol Christ, but the Academic Senate is charged with deciding admission requirements. Any rejection of the faculty’s final recommendations by the board, which is set to vote on the issue in May, would overturn traditional practice and spark a political firestorm.”

Final Verdict on Consideration of SAT and ACT in UC Admissions Process Has Yet To Be Rendered

But it’s not over just yet. This is merely a preliminary recommendation by the faculty, a recommendation that will be reviewed by the UC schools’ Academic Senate. This group will then deliver a report — likely in April — to University of California President Janet Napolitano who in turn will make her own recommendation to the UC Regents. Kind of like a game of Telephone, right? Stay tuned for updates on the consideration of the SAT and ACT in the University of California admissions process. And if you’re wondering what Ivy Coach’s famously accurate crystal ball predicts…the SAT and ACT will be a requirement in the UC admissions process next year, the year after that, and the year after that. We’ll forecast the next few years three years from now.


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