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More out-of-state residents will be part of the incoming class of UC students than in years past (photo credit: Brainchldvn).

Out-of-state residents make up a bigger part of the incoming class to University of California schools as compared to recent classes. In fact, according to the “LA Times,” out-of-state residents make up 12.3% of the incoming class while they only made up 8% for the previous incoming class. If you’re wondering why more out-of-state residents will be attending UC schools like UCLA, UC Berkeley, and UC San Diego, read this blog on University of California admission. The trend is particularly noticeable at these more prestigious UC schools.

Also of note, the percentage of Latino students attending UC schools as members of the Class of 2015 also went up from 23% to 26%. All other demographics stayed somewhat stable. What do you think of this out-of-state trend for the UC system? Do you think UC admission policies are going in the right direction? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below! And here’s the “LA Times” article on UC Admissions.


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