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Don’t write anything on Twitter that you don’t want college admissions officers to read. Because they may well read your Tweets.

There’s a terrific piece in “The New York Times” entitled “They Loved Your G.P.A. Then They Saw Your Tweets” by Natasha Singer that we wanted to discuss with the loyal readers of our college admissions blog. In the piece, Singer writes about a student who attended an information session last year at the admissions office of Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. Apparently, the student felt it wise to live Tweet during the info session and these Tweets included disparaging remarks about other people in attendance (i.e., fellow applicants). Needless to say, Bowdoin monitors their social media presence. They see when you’re writing about Bowdoin. This student did not end up gaining admission and, apparently, it was because her academic record wasn’t good enough for Bowdoin. But even if her academic record was superb, the chances are highly unlikely that this applicant ever would have gained admission.

Singer also writes about a college student at Pitzer who became “Friends” with a prospective applicant on Facebook. When the student noticed that the prospective applicant was posting disparaging remarks about a teacher on Facebook, he alerted the Pitzer admissions office. As you can imagine, that student didn’t gain admission to Pitzer. And, as the article in “The New York Times” states, while Pitzer doesn’t let applicants know if your candidacy was dashed because of non-academic reasons, at some schools they’ll tell you. Such is the case at Colgate University.

The moral of the story on Tweeting and college admissions is, don’t write anything on social media — and that includes don’t post any videos or photos — that you would not want college admissions officers to read. Because there is always a chance that they will find these posts. And that can very easily derail your candidacy. No matter your grades. No matter your test scores. All of that work — down the tube.


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