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October 20, 2013

Tufts Early Decision

Early Decision at Tufts, Tufts ED, Early Decision Tufts
Tufts has extended its Early Decision 1 deadline.

Tufts University is joining Stanford University, Duke University, Northwestern University, and so many other schools we’ve already reported on in extending their Early deadline. The Tufts Early Decision 1 deadline is now Friday, November 8th. And why do you think Tufts chose to extend its deadline? You guessed right! Because of all of the problems this year with the Common Application.

According to a letter from the Dean of Undergraduate Admissions at Tufts, Lee Coffin, “Tufts has extended its ED1 deadline to Friday, November 8 as a response to the ongoing technical issues associated with the new Common Application. While students are encouraged to submit an ED1 application as soon as possible, all applications received by November 8 will be given full consideration. As always, high school transcripts, letters of recommendation and other supplementary materials may arrive after the deadline. We will do our best to release decisions (electronically) no later than Wednesday, December 18.” But wait, the letter from the Tufts Dean of Admissions gets way more interesting. Lee goes on to write, “In addition, students applying to Tufts’ Class of 2018 as ED2 or Regular Decision candidates may now submit either an on-line Common Application or a Universal Application. We expect that the Tufts version of the Universal Application will be available within a week, and a link to the application will be posted on our admissions website.”

Well alright! As you may remember, we at Ivy Coach have been fighting for schools to offer both the Common Application and the Universal College Application. Our Founder, Bev Taylor, even asked the question in a “Huffington Post” editorial of whether or not the makers of the Common Application is restraining trade by penalizing schools financially for not offering the Common App. exclusively. We’re just glad that a demand for the Universal College Application has arisen and it’s through the fault of the Common App. for all of their technical glitches.

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