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January 29, 2013

Tufts Admissions Statistics

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Application numbers are up for Tufts University this year.

We’ve got some Tufts admissions statistics for our readers. According to “The Tufts Daily,” 18,167 applications for the Class of 2017 have been received, setting the record for the number of applications. This figure is up 11% from last year. And while the article in “The Tufts Daily” leads with it being “the most selective in the university’s history” based on the record-breaking application numbers, we caution our readers that just because a university received more applications, that doesn’t make them more selective. Why not? Because many schools recruit unqualified candidates in the hope of boosting the number of applicants to their university. Does a ’D’ student make an applicant pool more competitive? Does a ’D’ student make it more difficult for an ’A’ student to gain admission? No, it doesn’t.

According to an article in “The Tufts Daily” on the Tufts admissions stats, “Much of Tufts’ growing popularity can be attributed to improvements in the admissions office’s communication efforts, according to [Lee] Coffin. Last year, Admissions replaced its traditional viewbook with Jumbo, an admissions magazine, and launched an improved website featuring interactive elements and blogs. ’This is the first class that has gone from recruitment all the way through the deadline with this plan in place and I am crediting a lot of the growth with that,’ Coffin said. ’The blogs have just been ridiculously popular…and it’s exceeded our expectations.’ According to Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions Daniel Grayson, the changes were developed in hopes of making admissions publications a better resource for students.”

Still, every school is trying to boost their application numbers from year to year but not every school is able to do this. Being a director of admissions at a highly selective college can be a stressful job this time of year. Did all of their marketing efforts work? How did their new ideas impact the figures? It’s always heartening for the numbers to reflect one’s efforts in an admissions office. Now let’s just see if the SAT and ACT scores for the Tufts applicants are higher than last year. They just may be. Or not.

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