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January 11, 2019

Tours of Caltech

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Caltech doesn’t encourage anyone and everyone to tour its campus (photo credit:

As a general rule of thumb, the more applications a college receives in a given admissions cycle, the happier that college’s admissions office. You see, the more applications a college receives, the lower the school’s admission rate will invariably be and the higher the school will be ranked by “US News & World Report.” Accordingly, most highly selective colleges encourage as many applicants as possible — even unqualified applicants who don’t have a shot on God’s green earth of earning admission — to submit applications. And while we understand why colleges make such great efforts to market to students, to encourage them to apply, we don’t think it’s right. So when a highly selective college openly discourages students who don’t meet their academic requirements from taking the time to tour the school, well, that’s to be commended.

Caltech Boldly Encourages Only Qualified Students to Tour Campus

The California Institute of Technology, which currently ranks #12 in the “US News & World Report” ranking and has in the past topped this very list, is quite candid about only wanting qualified students touring their campus. As they write on their admissions site, “A campus visit is intentionally designed for prospective undergraduate students who are currently in high/secondary school or are college-aged students seeking to apply for transfer admission. Students who visit should be inclined to apply to a small, STEM-focused, research-intensive undergraduate program. Before you register for a visit, we strongly advise that prospective freshman applicants review our academic requirements in order to be eligible for admissions, and Caltech’s incoming class profile.”

Ivy Coach salutes Caltech for daring to forge their own path, for defying the status quo in highly selective college admissions by openly encouraging only students who might really want to go to Caltech — and who are academically qualified to earn admission — to visit the school’s gorgeous Pasadena, California campus. More of our nation’s elite institutions should follow Caltech’s lead.

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