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October 11, 2019

Top Private Colleges That Pay Off Are Highly Selective

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Attending an elite college so often pays off big time (photo credit: Derrick Smith).

You don’t need to attend a highly selective college to be successful, right? The answer is an equivocal right. Of course there are case examples of successful people who didn’t attend highly selective colleges — or who didn’t attend college at all — who became extremely successful. And good for them! Power to them! That is incredibly impressive and they should be very proud of their achievements. But these folks, of course, are the exception, not the rule. And anyone who argues — and there are so many folks who make this nonsensical argument — that it doesn’t really matter where you go to college in terms of your future success, well, ask them for data. They’ll be hard-pressed to cite such data or, if they do cite data, they’ll completely misconstrue the data and maybe hope we won’t notice — like that hypocritical college counselor at the The Derryfield School seemed to do. Nice try, Brendan Barnard!

CNBC Reports Top College That Pay Off Are Highly Selective

Anyhow, we will hereafter call these folks who argue that it really doesn’t matter where you go to college in terms of future success the “College Deniers.” And so, to the College Deniers, we’d like to ask them what they think about a piece published recently on CNBC by Abigail Hess entitled “The top 10 private US colleges that pay off have one thing in common—they’re super hard to get into.” Yes, the title says it all! As Hess reports, “Going to college is a major investment. Though experts agree that earning a college degree pays off, the costs can be overwhelming. CNBC Make It analyzed data from colleges and universities across the country to determine the top 50 U.S. colleges that pay off the most, and found that there is a wide range of schools that offer students a top-notch education at low net costs. The top 10 private U.S. colleges on our list, in particular, provide a significant premium for students that attend. But there’s a catch: They’re all extremely difficult to get into. Students applying for a spot in the class of 2022 at these prestigious private schools faced tough odds. Fewer than 10% of applicants were accepted at each of the top 10 private schools on our list, with individual school acceptance rates ranging from 4.3% at Stanford to 8.6% at Duke. The average acceptance rate at these 10 schools is 6.2%.”

But College Deniers Will Overlook This CNBC Piece and Continue to Make Their Nonsensical Argument

Yes, the schools at the top of this list are: Stanford University, Princeton University, University of Chicago, California Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Yale University, Columbia University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Pomona College, and Duke University, respectively. These schools aren’t exactly just any schools. These are some of our nation’s most highly selective colleges. You won’t find the University of Wisconsin on there. Sorry, UW. We love you and we know we just invited some haters, but we had to make our point against that hypocritical college counselor at The Derryfield School land. UW is a wonderful school. It’s just not one of America’s 25 most highly selective schools.

But, of course, College Deniers won’t reference this piece by Abigail Hess. They won’t point to data that counters the argument that the top universities that pay off in America are highly selective. They’ll just say that it doesn’t matter where you go to school. Let them say their nonsense. But may it go in one ear and out the other because it’s just that: nonsense.

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