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December 5, 2019

Top Five Most Regretted College Majors

A piece on CNBC details the results of a survey in which college grads voiced their feelings about their college majors. But the survey’s results aren’t all that interesting or informative for students attending elite universities. And it should more clearly point this out.

Which college majors do college students regret studying? Well, according to a survey conducted by ZipRecruiter of 5,225 college graduates who were active on the site in 2019, those regretted college majors are, in order: English / Foreign language, Sciences, Education, Social Sciences / Law, and Communications. But why stop at just five regretted college majors? Ethnic / Area / Multidisciplinary Studies, Visual / Performing Arts, Philosophy / Religion / Theology, Agriculture & Natural Resources, and Architecture round out the top ten most regretted college majors, according to the survey as reported by Jessica Dickler for CNBC in a piece entitled “The top 10 college majors American students regret the most.”

Limitations of Survey on Feelings Toward College Majors

With English / Foreign language deemed “impractical, limited job opportunities” and Sciences deemed “hard to find a job without further studies or licenses,” the ZipRecruiter survey while certainly interesting is flawed. And why? Hello! For starters, respondents attended a broad spectrum of colleges — not just highly selective institutions. In fact, most of these majors aren’t even offered at America’s highly selective universities. And why? Because many of them are trades — not liberal arts disciplines. The fact is that when one attends a highly selective university, one’s major doesn’t — in itself — determine one’s career outlook. However, attending an elite university can absolutely determine one’s career outlook.

Least Regretted College Majors in Limited Survey

In any case, while the survey isn’t exactly geared towards students considering attending highly selective universities, its findings are kind of interesting nonetheless. Ok, maybe not. But we might as well share what the survey found in any case. So if the aforementioned majors are the most regretted, which majors are the least regretted, according to the survey? In order, Computer Science / Math, Business, Engineering, Health Administration / Assisting, Community / Family / Personal Services, Health Sciences / Technology, Repair / Production / Construction, Engineering Technology / Drafting, Architecture (we guess it’s high on both lists!), and Philosophy / Religion / Theology (this one, too!). But, again, survey respondents attended a broad spectrum of colleges — not only highly selective schools. It’s not like Yale offers a major in Repair / Production / Construction last we checked.

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