TikTok and College Decisions

Deciding on which college to attend based on TikTok responses? If so, you’re nuts but, apparently, you’re not alone. It seems that a new trend is students claiming they’ll attend a certain university over other universities based on the responses they get to their TikTok videos. Yes, you read that correctly. Students are claiming they’re choosing colleges based on the whims of strangers on the internet. And now you’ve heard everything.

It seems that some college applicants are turning to TikTok to decide where to attend college (photo credit: Alton).

As Margaux MacColl reports for The Information in a piece entitled “The University of Indecision: For Some High School Seniors, TikTok Is the New College Counselor,” “It was almost May 1-–the ominously named Decision Day when high school seniors across the U.S. must commit to a college—and undecided teenagers were getting desperate. After touring campuses, studying college websites and asking their families for advice, there was only one option left: making a TikTok. ‘Everyone comment I have 3 days left to decide,” one user begged, posting a video listing the pros and cons of six university options (‘please do not go to auburn over ucla u r kidding,’ responded one viewer). Another high school senior posted a clip listing her three college options and a bold proclamation: ‘If this goes viral i will let the comments decide.'”

And while we agree that it wouldn’t make sense to attend Auburn University (sorry, Auburn!) over the University of California, Los Angeles — one of our nation’s preeminent public universities — do college applicants really need TikTok users to decide their fates instead of good old fashioned common sense? Oy vey is right.


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  • Jane Wagner says:

    Ya know I see this a lot, but I do not think kids are going to schools others decide. I think they are going to schools US News decides- is the highest ranked school they got in. How many times have you seen students getting in Early Action to Harvard Yale Princeton, but they do not withdraw their applicants from 15 out of the top 20 so they can have Ivy Day with a milkshake and a zoom chat with friends, just for vanity fun?! The brats who have taken over the whole admissions game is rather nauseating and we know you at Ivy Coach see a lifetime’s worth of brats- probably every week of the year.

  • Trevor Williams says:

    The one thing I really love about you guys at Ivy Coach is you certainly seen to be for FREE SPEECH- we salute YOU!

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