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All highly selective colleges — not just Penn — encourage unqualified students to apply. It’s par for the course.

Has your home been inundated of late with college brochures? If so, we encourage you to use them to keep the fireplace going this winter. On second thought, they may not be ideal for your fireplace as they’re often quite glossy. But our point should be clear. College brochures are meaningless. Parents often say to us, “Penn wants my son!” And then we ask what leads them to make this statement. “They have been sending him tons of brochures. They love him.” Uh huh.

While it’s essentially one of our mantras on this college admissions blog — heck, we wrote about it yesterday — highly selective colleges like Penn want students to apply, even unqualified students. It makes no difference to Penn or any other highly selective college if a student they’re denying admission has a 32 ACT score or a 24 ACT score. Your son’s application to Penn increased their total number of applications and invariably lowered their admission rate, an important factor in the “US News & World Report” college rankings.

College brochures should by no means be any indication to a parent (or student) that a college is interested in admitting them. It’s only an indication they’re interested in you applying. Which we know is quite a bit less satisfying. But it is the truth. If you can’t handle the truth, jump for joy every time a college brochure appears in the mailbox. We believe students and parents should get excited about certain things in the college admissions process — like when they get into a great school. We’re all about celebration at Ivy Coach. Receiving a college brochure just isn’t cause for celebration in our book.


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  • Kaija says:

    My friend’s daughter, a highly eligible candidate (grades, extracurriculars, etc) should at least be applying to Ivy and other equivalent schools bit is not. She is a Florida girl who wants to go to a state college. I think she is somewhat insecure about being far from her parents. Last year she was in a high school program sponsored by Cambridge University and encouraged to apply. Can I request college catalogs to be sent to me so I can give them to her and her mother or do the brochure/catalog/email, etc requests have to come from her with her info?

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